SunShield provides superior weatherability. Color retention is 1210% better than any competition. SunShield offers excellent color retention, infra-red (heat) reflectance, and impact resistance—features essential to the lasting beauty and durability of products made with SunShield.

SunShield offers dependable color and performance every time.
Pharmaceutical-grade compounding systems provide consistency in the SunShield formulations, so you can rely on superior color and weatherability. Our industry partnerships and on-going research into new technologies ensure that the SunShield formulation exceeds industry standards and outperforms the competition.

SunShield meets the needs of today’s homeowner.
In addition to the superior color retention and weatherability, SunShield is resistant to rot, insect and microbial damage. Products made with SunShield never require painting and are easy to clean with common household cleansers.
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